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Most companies will give you an estimated length of time for each visit. During peak times, this may result in less time for your pet. At Big Hearts, we guarantee our visits to be the time you specify, even during holidays and other peak times. We do not include our travel time into your pet's visit. Once we are finished with the basics (food, water, litter box, etc.), the entire remainder of time is spent on play and companionship. How much time are you paying for?

We offer a variety of visit times to choose from (30, 45, 60, and 90 minute visits). These visits can be mix/matched to you and your pet(s) liking.

At Big Hearts, our pet sitters have experience in dealing with special needs pets. We not only have a special love for animals, but the experience to care for special pets. Coupled with our ability to identify medical issues, Big Hearts offers a unique and detail-oriented service that gives our clients the piece of mind in knowing their pet is in the best care possible. Better yet, medications are given at no additional charge and we have a former veterinary technician on staff.

All pet sitters are bonded and insured for your protection. Accidents can happen anytime, make sure you are protected.

Our in-home consultations are comprehensive and thorough. We take detailed information about your pet and make sure all questions are answered.

We never advertise on our vehicles. Advertising on our car is advertising that you are not home. Security comes first.

No pet in your home is overlooked. Every pet receives equal time and treatment (including the fish). And there are no additional charges for multiple pets.

Every client receives daily visit contact (e-mail, text, phone) summaries at no additional charge. We give you peace of mind and detail on how your pet is doing in your absence.